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Why Does My Seatbelt Light Stay On When My Seatbelt Is Fastened?

Posted - 03/20/2012

A professional auto repair company can definitely help fix a seat belt light that stays on even when the seat belt is fully fastened. But there are some things a vehicle driver and or passengers can also look out for too. A broken dashboard seat belt indicator light can be the main cause of the seat belt indicator light staying on. If it's malfunctioning or a fuse or bulb or light emitting diode indicator is not functioning correctly, this will certainly cause the seat belt indicator light to remain on even with all the seat belts properly fastened on the driver and passengers.

Moreover, the reason could also be that only one of the several passengers in the car has his seat belt fully fastened. If the other passengers or driver don't, then the seat belt indicator light will definitely remain on in a vehicle that requires all the passengers sitting on one of the seats to buckle up. Also, if any one of the side or rear doors is not fully closed, this often indirectly causes the seat belt dashboard indicator light to incorrectly malfunction and cause it to light up that every one in the car doesn't have their belts totally buckled up even when they do.
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